How are hair extensions a popular way to change your look?


Are you looking for a hairdresser who works with extensions in Santa Cruz?

LV Hair Extensions & Makeup Bar has years of experience in hair extensions and passion for creative beauty styles.  Hair is a very important part of the overall first impression! Why not look your best at any age?

The owner of the salon is Leslie Vasquez and she is an amazing hairstylist. Check out some of her before and after pictures on her website or Instagram feed and I am sure you will be impressed. They specialize in offering hair loss solutions to women and even have a private room for women with severe hair loss to feel safe and comfortable.

Options for Thinning Hair

Women can experience hair loss from a variety of causes.  For instance, sudden hair loss can occur from a major traumatic event in someone’s life, such as the death of a loved one or a divorce.  In addition, hair loss can also be caused by stress, genetic predisposition, diet, lifestyle, etc. Thank goodness there are good options for women who are losing hair.

One of the unique solutions they offer for women experiencing thinning hair on top is a hair filler, which are super lightweight and often custom-made hairpiece that fits on the client’s crown of her head in a very discreet way. To make the hair filler as inconspicuous and as beautiful as possible, your stylist will complement your style with hair extensions for length and volume, if desired. These clients return every 3-4 weeks were the hair filler is removed and washed and replaced.

thinning hair options

Hair Extension Methods

At LV Hair, they use a variety of extension methods.

They have been using fiber hair extensions for years which are great for supporting wash and wear lifestyles—an excellent choice for busy women who don’t want to spend a lot of time fussing with their hair.

They also use several human hair extensions methods.  Why offer several methods? They do this to offer a variety of options and price points for their clients.  As extensions have soared in popularity, so has the price for premium quality hair. So the salon likes to be able to accommodate their clients where they are at with their budget.

In addition, LV Hair also provides amazing hair color services. From bold colors, to subtle deep hues, to natural gray blending, these stylists will seamlessly match your hair color to your extensions.

How Much Do They Charge For Extensions?

The most frequent question Leslie says she gets from women is “How much do hair extensions cost?”  She responds that there are a number of factors that go into determining price such as, length, quality of hair, method of extensions selected, how many packs of hair used, does your natural hair also need to be colored and cut, etc.  Leslie prefers that clients come in for a free consultation where she can look at photos on the internet with the client to get a clear vision of the look and length that she wants to achieve. Then, she can provide a written price quote.  She gets this question so often, she even created a video on this subject and posted it on her website.